Our Mission

Our goal as a company is to deliver excellent standards of cleaning and service that lives up to the expectations of both our company founders and our customers. Our customer charter is our promise to deliver the following:

Service Agreement

To openly communicate with our clients before, during and after providing services.

To welcome feedback and efficiently respond to client enquiries, whether by telephone or email.

To hire individuals with a strong work ethic, such as those who would otherwise be working for themselves.

To provide housekeeper training and follow-ups to ensure our standards are consistently met.

To give our clients peace of mind by providing detailed information regarding our company, services and guarantees & to stand by these such as the following:

Regular cleaning

Standing order for agency fees will not be submitted to our bank for processing until 2 weeks after allocating a housekeeper to you, this is to ensure that you are satisfied with the housekeeper we’ve assigned.

Should Mmmarvellous been unable to provide cover a refund will be issued for the agency fees equivalent to the hours missed.

Business cleaning

We offer bespoke cleaning services for offices, schools, short terms rentals & restaurants.

An on-site visit will always be conducted so a discussion on the frequency of the cleans can be discussed before any agreement is established.


A wide range of cleaning services such as general or deep cleaning according to your needs, we will always discuss and agree on the hours required before the cleaning takes place.

Flexibility in providing cleaning materials or using your own.


We will always provide our cleaning materials and equipment to clean communal areas within apartments and entranceways of flats.

We can help with anything from sweeping outside, clearing bin areas, vaccuming mopping and dusting according to your requirements.

Window cleaning

Should any streaks or marks be left after the first clean, contact the operator within 24 hours so a second clean can be organised at no cost.

Our system generally does not require the use of ladders; however, if required, ladder placement and usage will be detailed and agreed upon prior to cleaning.

Carpet cleaning

Stains will be treated individually prior to cleaning however 100% removal of stains can not be guaranteed.

Steam cleaning with extraction average drying time 3-4hours.

Upholstery cleaning

Freshen up sofa’s & chairs at home and in office. 

Stains will be treated individually but 100% stain removal is not guaranteed.

Gutter cleaning

Removal of debris from gutters to allow rainwater to flow freely away from your home.

Camera equipment can be used at times to show the removal, please speak to the operative at the time of cleaning.

Mattress cleaning

Your mattress will be treated to remove debris and micro-organisms giving you a truly hygienically clean bed.

Mattresses stained can be treated however 100% removal can not be guaranteed.