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Gutters protect our properties, so why not clean them?


Over time leaves, sticks, moss and debris collects in the gutters causing them to back up and retain water.  Each time it rains again the gutters overflow, making walls and ground more unnecessarily wet, potentially causing rising damp within the structure. This means costly repairs.  

Have your gutters cleaned regularly to protect them from rising damp.

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Benefits to you

Powerful vacuum with extension poles suitable for both residential and commercial properties.  System allows us to reach restricted areas including conservatories, with our onboard camera you can watch the process.  

Reasonable Prices

Prices start from as little as £35 plus VAT for a 3 bed semi detached house. Pricing based on either a one off service or a regular cleaning contract.   A personalised cleaning program based on things such as trees in the garden is discussed, ensuring the price matches your needs.

Save Your Time & Energy

By having a regular contract and cleaning conducted at preferred intervals ensures that the cleaning takes place and you don’t need to keep looking for a company to do this for you.

Rely on a trustworthy cleaning company

Since 2010 we’ve been offering a gutter cleaning service by using SkyVac.  The pole system allows us to have an onboard camera so we can see for sure what’s inside your gutters and give you the footage so you can see the end result.

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Security from a Real company

We don’t operate in a cyber world but in the real world. Many cleaning agencies exist entirely online and they never actually meet anyone at all. Meeting both clients & cleaners we are able to match the right person to the right home, giving the best possible service.

Would you want to let someone in your home who has not been thoroughly checked or personally interviewed face to face? We don’t believe in that either.

Personal Service

By working alongside you, understanding your needs we ensure that you receive the service your home requires on the schedule you require. For example a regular weekly cleaner, window cleaning done every 8 weeks and then annually gutters, carpets and mattresses cleaned. All of these services or just one can be organised to match your needs and budget.

Reliability and Quality

Our office based team have over 30 years experience in the cleaning industry and will communicate with you on a regular basis giving you peace of mind that we truly care. Regularity and quality of service is guaranteed, see the appropriate service agreement on the following page to understand more.

Whats Included?

Complete gutter debris removal service allowing water to run freely away from your home and a regular on going service can be set up.


aThe great British weather we have ensures that we need to keep water flowing away from our homes to prevent rising damp issues.  We can reach up to three storey’s high to remove all the debris that collects within.

Down pipes

aDown pipes get blocked easily over time so by having a camera attached to our cleaning equipment we can see what the issues are.  

Camera footage

aOur camera attached to the pole allows us to see for sure what is blocking the drain and ensure that all the debris is removed.  You can see the footage if you are at home, however if you are not then you can request before the clean takes place to have it recorded and sent to you afterwards.

Regular contract

Have trees close to your home, whose leaves end up in your gutter?  You don’t have to worry about calling to book an annual clean we will contact you at your requested intervals and remind you.