Upholstery Cleaning

Freshen Up Your Sofa & Armchair Upholstery

Having soft fabric upholstery cleaned is just like having your carpet cleaned.  The process combines steam and cleaning fluids to extract the dust, dirt and grime of day to day living.  Any stubborn stains can be treated individually.  If you are purely looking for dust extraction then a dry process can be carried out.

Need Upholstery Cleaned?

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Why Choose Us?

Since 2018 we have been partnered with a local carpet, fabric and upholstery cleaning company for all our customers to use.  As we know them personally, we feel 100% confident in their quality of work and care attention to work safely and effectively in our client’s homes.  

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Gabriel & Nathan are our upholstery cleaning partners.  They will meet with you to discuss your requirements and give you the best price for the job either based on a regular contract or one off job. 

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Office chairs £11, Sofa 2 seater £60, Mattress double £75 minimum call out £70.  

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Time is precious and with such busy lives, we need downtime instead of thinking about cleaning our homes.  No need to look for a different company each year, let us know your preferred month/s of cleanings and we will give you remind you nearer the time.

Rely on a trustworthy cleaning company!

One company can come in for a whole day and do carpet cleaning and protection along with soft furnishing cleaning so no separate visits saving you time.

We look to give the best possible result especially on those stains.  Of course we can not guaranteed 100% stain removal but will endeavour to do our best.

It’s reassuring to know the person who will be cleaning for you and that you can talk with them in English.  If you need an ongoing contract this can be set up so we came at the required intervals.


What is Included?

Steam Cleaning

The pressurization of the water to produce the steam gives extra heat to really attack the dirt and stains

Commercial Cleaning

Office chairs and carpets can be cleaned outside of office hours, giving plenty of drying time before staff return to work the following day

Soft Furnishings

The cleaning process can be used on most fabric sofas and chairs however leather and suede can not be cleaned using this process. A review of the material will be carried out to ensure that the work can be done.

Communal Areas

Carpeted communal areas are high traffic areas which require cleaning on a regular basis to keep them looking pristine. Let us know how often you want them cleaned and we will organise the reminders.