Company History

Our story as a domestic cleaning company begins back in 2002 when the company was founded and we first began providing cleaning services in South West London. Scroll down to see a timeline of the various milestones in our journey as a business.

New Service: Communal Cleaning

21 Nov'17

Communal cleaning of entranceways to blocks of apartments was introduced.

Teambuilding: Team Night Out

01 May'17

Night out with the team

Milestone: 750 Clients, 2400 Hours Weekly!

01 Oct'16

2400hrs of weekly cleaning being carried out in over 750 homes weekly – think how much time we are saving our customers!

New Recruitment Website Launched

01 Sep'16

New website launched purely for the recruitment of housekeepers.

Team Chinese!

01 May'16

Teambuilding Lunchtime Chinese

Appointment: Paulina joins the office team

01 Mar'16

Paulina joins the office team after being a housekeeper for nearly 3 years.

Appointment: Dimitar Joins as Services Operator

01 Oct'15

Dimitar joined as Services Operator

New Window Cleaning Van Purchase

01 Oct'15

New window cleaning van purchased to better service our window clients

Appointment: Victoria Joins The Office Team

01 May'15

Victoria joins the office team after being a housekeeper for just under 2 years.

Appointment: Natalia Joins The Office Team

01 Dec'14

Natalia joins the office team in December 2014 after being a housekeeper for 3.5 years.

Appointment: Angela Joins The Office Team

01 Apr'14

Angela joins the office team in April 2014 after being a housekeeper for 1 year.

Clarissa & Sally Move to Belize Volunteering With Deaf

01 Sep'13

Clarissa (Mmmarvellous co-founder) & Sally move to Belize to volunteer within the deaf in the Orange Walk district. Here they are buying local chickens for their garden.  By working on line both are very much involved in the business and make regular visits back to the UK.

New Service: Gutter Cleaning with SkyVac

01 Jan'13

Gutter cleaning service established using SkyVac equipment

Milestone: 1500 Hours Weekly Cleaning

01 Sep'12

Over 500 homes being cleaned weekly taking our hours over 1500!

Mmmarvellous New Branding

01 Jan'12

New brand and logo launched along with website.

Philippa Leaves Mmmarvellous

01 Oct'11

Philippa, one of the founding partners, resigns from Mmmarvellous to develop other businesses.

Magdalena Joins The Office Team as Administrator

01 Nov'09

Magdalena joins the Mmmarvellous office team as Adminisrator, left company December 2017.

Teambuilding: Company Night Out

01 Oct'08

Teambuilding: Office Outing

01 May'08

Severed Ties With BelleCasa Franchise

01 Sep'07

Severed ties with BelleCasa so all regular weekly and fortnightly cleaning contracts would now be part of the Mmmarvellous umbrella.  

Milestone: 1000 Hours of Cleaning per Week for 350 Homes!

01 Sep'07

Regular cleaning hours broke the 1000 hour bracket weekly, with over 350 homes being cared for weekly

Appointment: Sally Joins The Office Team

01 Aug'07

Sally joins Mmmarvellous office team after being spring clean supervisor for  1 year.

New Service: Spring Cleaning – One-off Cleaning Service Introduced

01 Jan'07

Spring cleaning & one off cleaning service – started in 2007. This service ceased in July 2008.

Appointment: Janina Joins The Office Team!

01 Jan'07

Our amazing office manager Janina joined Mmmarvellous office team, after being a housekeeper for 1 year.

New Service: Carpet Cleaning Introduced

01 Jun'06

Carpet cleaning – after investigating different cleaning methods we prefer the technique and service provided by a British company called Texatherm.

New Service: Mattress Cleaning Started

01 May'06

Mattress cleaning started – to remove dust mites and their debris, dead skin cells and dust removal from mattresses.

New Service: Window Cleaning Service Introduced

01 Apr'06

Window cleaning service inside and outside was established.

Mmmarvellous Brand Created

22 Apr'05

          Mmmarvellous Home Services created for the additional cleaning services requested by clients.

Mmmarvellous Cleaning Founded (as BelleCasa)!

01 Jan'02

In 2002 Clarissa Jopling & Philippa Pedder obtained a franchise through BelleCasa for regular weekly or fortnightly cleaning.  No clients and no housekeepers