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The Best Carpet Cleaning & Fastest Drying

Since 2006 we’ve been using and recommending the Texatherm  unique patented cleaning process giving the best clean and drying time possible. The process combines a chemical reaction with a heated pad creating a capillary wicking action which draws soils and stains up out of carpet fibres. No need for us to use lots of water giving clients an average drying times just 30 minutes.  High traffic areas or children and pets carpet should be cleaned every 6 months, other areas at least once a year.

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Benefits to you

Average drying time of 30mins, so no longer waiting hours for them to dry.  No harmful chemicals are used, completely safe for children and pets. Stain removal included in service and spots treated individually if required.

Reasonable Prices

We only charge you for what we actually clean instead of doing a price per room. An average 3 bed house with carpets throughout costs around £185, however an actual cost of clean can happen before cleaning actually takes place.

Save Your Time & Energy

No need to look for a different company each year, let us know your preferred month/s of cleanings and we will give you remind you nearer the time.

Rely on a trustworthy cleaning company

Nathan and Gabriel are fully trained and insured to deliver the carpet cleaning results you are looking for.   Our equipment is regularly maintained and recently updated through Texatherm, a British company.

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Security from a Real company

We don’t operate in a cyber world but in the real world. Many cleaning agencies exist entirely online and they never actually meet anyone at all. Meeting both clients & cleaners we are able to match the right person to the right home, giving the best possible service.

Would you want to let someone in your home who has not been thoroughly checked or personally interviewed face to face? We don’t believe in that either.

Personal Service

By working alongside you, understanding your needs we ensure that you receive the service your home requires on the schedule you require. For example a regular weekly cleaner, window cleaning done every 8 weeks and then annually gutters, carpets and mattresses cleaned. All of these services or just one can be organised to match your needs and budget.

Reliability and Quality

Our office based team have over 30 years experience in the cleaning industry and will communicate with you on a regular basis giving you peace of mind that we truly care. Regularity and quality of service is guaranteed, see the appropriate service agreement on the following page to understand more.

Whats Included?

see below

Why a quicker drying time?

aWith little use of fluids & water, the drying time is a lot quicker than other cleaning methods. This does not deter from the quality of the cleaning in any way

Deep cleaning of fibres

aThe rotary create a capillary wicking action drawing soil and staining up and out of carpet fibres.

Commercial cleaning

aThe same process can be used on carpet tiles and is effective in places such as pubs or restaurants as well as offices. Cleaning can take place outside of office or opening hours.

Communal areas

Carpeted communal areas are high traffic areas which require cleaning on a regular basis  keep them looking pristine. Let us know how often you want them cleaned and we will organise the  reminders.