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Since 2002, Keeping Your Home Mmmarvellously Clean!


Keeping Your Home Mmmarvellously Clean!

Since 2002 Mmmarvellous has been operating locally, introducing housekeepers to clients for regular home cleaning and offering a range of other home cleaning services.

Mmmarvellous is striving to build a business based on knowing who their customers are and who is working for them.  Today there are so many online cleaning companies but how many of them really know their housekeepers.

Our team is not vetted in a cyber world but in the real world. We personally meet them when they attend our Induction course and we go to their home for their personal final test & interview. Our promise to you is that we know ‘the stranger’ who will be cleaning your home.
We want our customers to feel relaxed and confident that they will receive the Mmmarvellously clean home they deserve. We want the Mmmarvellous Team, including housekeepers, to be happy in their work and feel appreciated for taking care of them.  We believe happy staff gives us the best chance of delivering cleaning services to the highest standard possible – happy staff = happy customers.

Clients can create a cleaning schedule that matches all of their home’s cleaning needs.  On top of regular cleaning of your home, you can request other cleaning services such as carpet or mattress cleaning, windows, gutters, and conservatory roof cleaning.  By using people we know, who have been working for themselves for years,s we are confident in their workmanship, so taking away the stress of finding others to do these extra jobs. Give us a call and we can organize those services for you.

Our Mmmarvellous team here at the office makes everything possible for our clients!

We have a Mmmarvellous team of domestic home cleaners who visit our client’s homes and take care of the home cleaning.

The management teamwork behind the scenes to make the Mmmarvellous-ness all happen. The company has been operating locally in the area since 2002 and our current team has over 55 years of working within the company. One of our most important goals is to know all of our clients and housekeepers so we can have the right people working in our client’s homes. We look forward to working with you.

Clarissa Jopling


I remember starting off the business with no staff or customers hoping that this career change would be life-changing.  It certainly has been.  I have always believed in valuing people and giving people an opportunity to develop themselves & progress through the company.  To date, all but two people who have been working in the office have all been housekeepers.  To have now such a wonderful team who achieve the business needs and maintain an equilibrium between clients and housekeepers is endearing to see.  We hope that you enjoy being part of the Mmmarvellous umbrella.

Janina Adakauskiene

Office Manager

In 2006 I was working as a housekeeper whilst studying Business Management at Roehampton University and joined the office team part-time in October 2007.  As the company has grown and Clarissa reduced her working time I grew into the role of Office Manager.  We’ve worked well together as a team to survive the recession of 2008, grow the business to new heights and recently survive the COVID pandemic.    All of us in the office work well together and it has become like our little family.  I look forward to welcoming you to being part of our local business supporting people within the community.

Sally Foreman

Finance Officer

I joined Mmm in September 2007 as the cleaning supervisor for the spring clean team.  I enjoyed seeing the end results of these cleans and trained a lot of housekeepers ready for their regular cleaning jobs.  As the company developed and grew I took on more roles such as meeting new clients and doing spot checks.  With a pending move overseas, I was grateful that I was able to continue working for the company online, checking clients payments are paid on time and rewarding housekeepers with bonuses.

Angela Iliescu

Company Representative

I started in March 2013 as a housekeeper for Mmm and a year later started working in the office.  As a small team, I’ve learnt to adapt to changing roles over the years.  I love to chat and enjoy meeting clients and housekeepers on a regular basis when out on appointments.  I hope to meet you soon.

Victoria Caisin

Company Representative

I joined the office team in April 2015 and since then  I love travelling around on appointments meeting new clients and housekeepers and then later on during the spot checks at clients homes.  I am looking forward to meeting you soon.

Irena Furnadzhieva


Nicoleta Gogu

Allocation Coordinator


Romina Bentan

Allocation Coordinator