Window Cleaning

Window Cleaning Services: Inside AND Outside!

Using our efficient water fed pole system, ultra purified water washes thoroughly and gently cleans your windows, frames and sills. A strict cleaning method is adhered to, so you get consistent results each time, as windows are left to dry naturally leaving no streaks or smears. Please see the affiliated service agreement below, under reliability and quality.

Had Broken Roof Tiles In The Past?

We will never do this!
Our water-fed pole system means we can clean hard-to-reach or roof-accessed windows without walking on your roofing.

Need a regular, reliable window cleaner?


Why Clean Your Windows With Us?

Consistent service to match your requirements and workmanship guarantees in place.  In addition to window cleaning we will take care of your conservatory roofs inside and outside, inside windows and fascia’s, veluxes, skylights & garage doors. A complete window cleaning service.

With over 10 years experience in maintaining a regular cleaning service and by regular checking the quality of the water & updating equipment, you’ll receive the best service that’s on offer.

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Would you want to let someone in your home who has not been thoroughly checked or personally interviewed face to face? We don’t believe in that either.

Created with Fabric.js 4.2.0 Reasonable/Offordable Pricing

Pricing based on either a one off service or a regular cleaning contract. Our prices match the needs of your home and start at a reasonable £25 per visit, including VAT.  A cleaning program and prices can be discussed to match your needs.

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You’ll receive notice a day or two in advance informing you that your next clean is due. No need to think ‘when is the window cleaner coming’, or ‘should I leave the gate open today?’ We save you time and energy in not worrying about this.

Rely on a trustworthy cleaning company!

Since 2002 we’ve been operating a regular home cleaning service and currently have over 950 homes receiving a housekeeper, with some of those clients have been with us for several years. Our office team all started as housekeepers which bring added experience and value in understanding.

We are NOT an “online-only” cleaning agency. We always meet a new customer before we start work, so you know a little more about the company, what to expect, and feel confident giving us access to your home. We want to be sure we know exactly what you need to be done, so we can meet or exceed your expectations!


What is Included?

Window Cleaning

Window cleaning service automatically includes cleaning the frames and sills, removing the dust and dirt that build up. Windows are left to dry leaving behind no streaks, or smears so you can see outside perfectly.

Inside Window Cleaning

Many window cleaning companies do not offer an inside window cleaning service, we do.  You can request for the window cleaner to do the insides, ideally in the springtime after winter so you can truly appreciate the spring sunshine.

Conservatory Roof Cleaning

Conservatory roofs receive a lot more rain and debris compared to our vertical windows.  This leads to moss growing or black stubborn marks which block out our limited sunlight. This glass can be cleaned along with the gutters and fascia that surround a conservatory.

Doors & Garage Doors

All types of doors are a safe haven for spiders and road dust particles.  These areas can be included in the regular cleaning of your windows. Of course, we inspect the type of door first before deciding if we can clean it with purified water or not as some doors may leak.

Get Your Windows Cleaned Right