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Commercial Cleaning Services

We offer bespoke cleaning services for offices, schools, short terms rentals & restaurants.

An on site visit will always be conducted so a discussion on the frequency of the cleans can be discussed before any agreement is established

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Why Choose Us?

Our office-based team has over 40 years of experience in the cleaning industry and will communicate with you on a regular basis giving you peace of mind that we truly care.

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Would you want to let someone in your home who has not been thoroughly checked or personally interviewed face to face? We don’t believe in that either.

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Based on an hourly rate with half-hour increments to ensure rotation of duties
Your management fee rate will not alter unless VAT or taxes go up.

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Time is precious and with such busy lives, we need downtime instead of thinking about cleaning our homes.  Have a regular clean to maintain your home.

Rely on a trustworthy cleaning company!

Since 2002 we’ve been operating a cleaning service and currently have over 950 clients receiving a cleaner, with some of those clients have been with us for several years. Our office team all started as cleaners which bring added experience and value in understanding.

We are NOT an “online-only” cleaning agency. We always meet a new customer before we start work, so you know a little more about the company, what to expect, and feel confident giving us access to your home. We want to be sure we know exactly what you need to be done, so we can meet or exceed your expectations!


What is Included?

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Vetted Cleaners

All staff we send to you have been vetted, attend our Induction Course and insured.  By providing them with a list of jobs to do you will ensure that the cleaning that is required is carried out.

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One-Stop Cleaning Shop

In addition to a regular cleaner coming in, we can organise for the carpets to be cleaned outside of office hours or even the windows inside and outside.

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Agreed Schedules & Routines

You might feel office cleaning is easy however if a plan is not created outlining exactly what is required then things won’t be right in the future.  At the very start we will help you create that plan to ensure all cleaners know exactly what to do.

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Health & Safety Inspections

As required we shall complete all the necessary health and safety documents which will be shared with all the cleaners who come to work at your office