Will my housekeeper be ok with my pets?

During our interiew process we discuss allergies and pet phobias to ensure which animals they would be ok working around.   We will not allocate someone who is scared/allergic to dogs/cats other pets if you have them.

How long do your housekeepers remain with you?

Some housekeepers join for a short period of time, others for a year or so and some have been with us since we started.  So it all depends on their own lives as to how long they stay with us.  Our guarantee is that we will always give you a …


Will I meet the housekeeper you assign to me?

Yes, we prefer that you meet them before they start cleaning for you so you are confident in handing over your keys if needed.  It’s a good opportunity to meet a person who will be cleaning for you so you can show them around your home .This gives them a …