Other Services

How do I pay for the service?

The payment is split between the management fee and the cleaners. The management fee can be paid in cash/cheque or bank transfer prior the cleaning takes place. Cleaners get paid cash or by bank transfer upon completion of the work.

When is ad-hoc service useful?

Ad-hoc/one-off service can be used whenever convenient for you. First of all, it saves your time.  It may be useful for customers who travel frequently or someone whose work arrangements or other personal circumstances vary a lot therefore not convenient to have regular service. It is also useful when planning …


What is Ad-hoc cleaning services?

Cleaning service for the following: Your private housekeeper goes away and you need to find cover You live in a block of flats and require communal cleaning of the entrance ways You have a short term let and require cleaning at different intervals You have an office space or nursery …