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Coronavirus Update

***20th April 2020***

Further to HM Governments “lockdown” restrictions being extended by another three weeks, Mmmarvellous will remain closed until the next Government review.


Here’s a message from the management team for both our loyal clients, and for our housekeepers:


***6th April 2020***

On Tuesday 24 March our home cleaning services were put on hold.  All clients are no longer having a service, to help contain the spread of COVID19.  It certainly is a worrying time and everyone’s safety must come first, so we endorse the advice to stay at home.


We feel that the original 3-week lockdown will be extended or even if some restrictions are lifted, we will not be returning to work anytime soon.   We shall continue to monitor the advice and return to work when it is safe to do so.


In the interim period we will respond to any queries that our clients or housekeepers may have.  An email was sent to all our clients informing them to cancel their standing order payments to Mmmarvellous if they haven’t done so already.  Mmm are unable to cancel these payments so please cancel the payment online or by calling your bank. Just to note, all contracts are on hold, waiting for the service to resume.


Please take care of yourselves and apply the precautions given.  We look forward to returning to work as soon as we possibly can.



***17th March 2020.***

During this unprecedented moment in time, home cleaning services are more than ever needed to keep our homes clean. However with this virus we are advised to limit our contact with people and that infected hands on surfaces pose a threat.


To help mitigate the chance of surfaces being contaminated we are requesting housekeepers to use hand sanitiser before they enter the home and then wash their hands for 20 secs once inside. In addition to disinfect all door handles before they leave. Should you wish to provide your housekeeper with disposal gloves that’s an option too. Housekeepers at the end can put all the dirty cleaning clothes into the washing machine for you and put them to wash.


In between cleans we request that clients follow the guidelines issued to disinfect main areas of the home at least twice a day, such as door handles, fridge handles and taps. I was also thinking our phones and their cases, laptop and computer keyboards, keys and dog leashes. Don’t forget to even get your kids involved in cleaning their toys, and then wash your hands at the end.


We are encouraging clients to continue their service as long as possible to help keep their housekeepers in work as we know benefits will not cover the full living costs.


In relation to management fees, clients who are self isolation as a precaution, or those who prefer not to have a cleaner at the moment or when the government quarantines us all, those management fees will be refunded in full once the housekeeper returns to work.


This we shall review if the outbreak extends longer than we think. Some clients who are self isolating have been generous in providing some funds to their housekeepers to help them out for which they are extremely grateful. So thank you for thinking of them.


As a company we will remain open and should a client or a housekeeper fall sick we shall back track the housekeepers movements and inform those clients too who could be connected.


We want to assure you of our utmost attention during this difficult time and our hearts go out to everyone.