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Too many work shirts to iron?
Oh no I need to do the school uniform!!
How long is this pile of ironing gonna take me?


Wish you had more time to relax instead of ironing on a Sunday night the uniforms  and work shirts? Maybe you just don’t like ironing? Mmmarvellous can provide you with a housekeeper to come to do the ironing for you (and cleaning if you want that too) on a weekly or fortnightly basis.  You can request her to put the clothing away or just leave it out in the desired way and place. Just think of the time you can save.

Need to person to help with ironing, check your postcode

I need my gutters cleaned in…

Benefits to you

Your own personal vetted, insured and regularly assessed housekeeper who’ll iron in your home.  Cover when your regular housekeeper is away on holiday, sickness or an emergency giving a continuity in the service.

Reasonable Prices

Based on an hourly rate with half hour increments to ensure rotation of duties
Your management fee rate will not alter unless VAT or taxes go up.
Housekeeper receives an annual increase in July.

Save Your Time & Energy

Time is precious and with such busy lives we need downtime instead of thinking about the ironing pile.  Have a regular ironer to keep the pile under control so you don’t have to stress at the start for every week.

Rely on a trustworthy cleaning company

Since 2002 we’ve been operating a regular home cleaning & ironing service and currently have over 950 homes receiving a housekeeper.  Our office team all started as housekeepers which brings added experience and value in understanding.

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Security from a Real Company

Every housekeeper we send to you has been thoroughly referenced checked and interview in their own home.

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Reliability & Quality

With regular visit to all housekeepers at clients homes we maintain a good working relationship with all parties and use the opportunity to check on your housekeepers ironing standards.
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Personal Service

Each of our clients ironing needs are assessed and we even record details of pets and other preferences you may have as to what should happen to the items after the ironing has been finished.

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Whats Included?

Complete gutter debris removal service allowing water to run freely away from your home and a regular on going service can be set up.

Ironing Piles

aOur ironing piles never seem to end, have a housekeeper come to your home weekly or fortnightly to carry out this work saving your time and thinking at the last minute ‘Oh i need to iron that to wear it.’

Work shirts

aWork shirts add up over the week and require more care and attention when being ironed.  Our housekeepers are trained on how to iron shirts and how to hang them properly afterwards.

School uniform

aIt’s Sunday and you think oh no I’ve got to do the school uniforms.  don’t worry anymore have a regular housekeeper who can iron them for you ready in time.

Bed linen

Sheets and bed linen take time to iron, how about you asking your housekeper to make the bed after she’s ironed so you can slip into lovely clean crisp sheets that night.

Watch & Learn More

Watch our video to see the process in order to obtain a regular housekeeper to do your ironing and clips of our training video.

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