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Frequently Asked Questions


If you have any more questions but you don’t see the answer below, please contact the Mmmarvellous team. We will answer your question, and can add the question to this page.


  • A high standard of overall cleaning and customer service.
  • Where you, your family and your home are treated with care and respect.
  • Where the cleaning tasks are agreed.
  • Communicate regularly and as and when required.
  • A quality service at a reasonable price.

Our office is open from 9am – 5pm Monday through Friday.

When choosing a cleaning company you should choose one who:

  • Recruits staff using a vetting process & meets them in person.
  • The management fees and the cleaning fees should be fair, transparent and stated in agreement provided to you.
  • Has been in business for some time and has a good reputation which can be confirmed by reviews.
  • Has insurance cover.
  • All housekeepers are met in the real world and not vetted online and over the phone.  They attend our Induction Course at the office and we then visit them at their own home.
  • Regular spot checks are conducted on all homes whilst the housekeeper is working. This enables us to monitor their cleaning, provide training if required, keep in touch with our customer on a regular basis.
  • Mmmarvellous runs a bonus scheme for all housekeepers rewarding them for their hard work.
  • You meet the office team member at the initial appointment to assess your home, hear your requirements and take notes about the property specification. You will deal with people who care about your home.
  • At first, is difficult to tell a good company from a bad one, however
  • Recommendations are usually the strongest indicator of a good company.
  • Communication between you and the company is very important.
  • A good rate of pay for the cleaner and the company which is stated on the cleaning agreement. The cleaner should be paid directly after each visit. The managment fees paid directly to the company.
  • Good timekeeping, efficiency and a thorough cleaning job are good second indicators.
  • An ongoing positive and professional relationship with your cleaner.

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