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Frequently Asked Questions


If you have any more questions but you don’t see the answer below, please contact the Mmmarvellous team. We will answer your question, and can add the question to this page.


Yes, you will have the same person assigned to your cleaning, however when they are on holiday or sick we can arrange alternative cleaning cover.

Cleans that take place at irregular intervals or a spring/deep cleans involve much more work and as such are priced at a higher cost than a regular clean.

  • Provides you with a cleaner and healthier environment regularly.
  • Saves you time
  • Improves your home apperance and prolongs the life of your furniture/finishings
  • Regular cleans keep on top of your home on a rotational basis, keeping your home, windows, carpets, beds, furniture and furnishings clean throughout the year.

The hourly rate depends on your postcode, the range is between £ 12.60  £ 13.60.  The rate is then divided into two payments, one direct to the housekeeper after each visit and then a monthly management fee payable to the company.

Inform your housekeeper of when you are away, they may suggest that some areas of the home have not been deep cleaned for a long time such as kitchen cupbaords, top of furniture etc which could be done whilst you are away.  If you prefer a housekeeper not to clean for you then let her know, she will contact the office for any cover work she may want not to loose the income.   It is ideal to provide them with a week’s or more notice, but no less than two working days notice.

You should discuss this with your assigned housekeeper, they will normally move the clean to another day that week.  If they don’t have the availability then you can contact Mmmarvellous to make alternative arrangements.

Our minimum hours are 2.5  weeekly or 4 fortnightly, and half hourly increments thereafter. However depending on the size of your home we can be flexible if needed.

Our company representatives will discuss your requirements with you whilst at your home, from that and their personal experience, they will be able to provide guidance as to how long the clean should take.

Your service is calculated on an hourly basis, which is divided between the housekeeper and company.   Your housekeeper will be paid at the end of every cleaning session either by bank transfer or cash.  The managment fee will be paid by Standing Order on a monthly basis in advance once you are happy with the service. (Standing order is not the same as Direct Debit.  Standing orders are a set amount that leave your bank account at regular intervals and are controlled by the bank account holder and not the company.)

Simply visit the quote page or request a callback – we will be happy to talk through what you would like done, how much cleaning time this will likely to take and the cost involved.

Yes, a member of the office team will meet you before we assign a cleaner. This is not a sales visit, you will get prices and all the information you need to decide about allowing Mmmarvellous to work for you. We aim to have the highest levels of customer satisfaction so by meeting you we can assess your expectations and explain our procedures so you feel confident in allowing a ‘stranger’ into your home.

Cleaning supplies aren’t included, each client is to provide their housekeeper with the materials they wish them to use for cleaning. This ensures your cleaner uses the products you prefer.   In addition, the majority of our housekeepers use public transport so it would be really tricky for them to carrry around cleaning materials and equipment.

It’s completely up to you. The majority of our customers like to have their homes cleaned when they are out at work or busy otherwise and provide their housekeeper with a key. However, the pre-start meeting with the housekeeper, will be organised before the cleaning to ensure that you feel comfortable with our specially vetted and insured housekeeper selected for your home.

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