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Frequently Asked Questions


If you have any more questions but you don’t see the answer below, please contact the Mmmarvellous team. We will answer your question, and can add the question to this page.


There are no bank charges or costs involved in running this type of payment as it’s a set amount automatically coming out of your account.  Should we run a direct debit system it would increase our costs in personnel to administer the transactions and a bank charge of 40p per transaction.  These additional costs would have to be passed back to the client, increasing our fees.

Quotation for windows, gutters and conservatories is carried out free of charge by the operators.  Price depends on the current state of the windows plus how often you will be wanting your windows cleaned.  You can request a free no obligation quote by completing the request form, click here.

The price is based on an hourly rate depending on your postcode, please click here to use our calculator to see the actual price.

Our operators will only charge you for the amount of actual cleaning they do, it’s not based on a price per room which can cost you more than it actually should.  You can obtain an estimate for this work by clicking here.

Not all our areas match the current LLW rate, however we are striving towards achieving it.  Our suggested rate for the housekeeper is a minimum rate and you can discuss any increase you’d like to make directly with them.

Yes you can do that directly with that person when they are there.

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