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Accident’s happen so easily, protect your carpets.
Extend the life of your carpet by protecting it.
Love having clean carpets, but wish they’d stay cleaner longer?


Carpets are expensive and take a beating daily with dirt from outside and spills.  By using Fibrerite Protector it provides an umbrella like barrier that repels oil and liquid away from carpet fibres.  The protective coating slows down wear and tear, helping to extend the life and beauty of your carpet. In addition it keeps dirt and grime loose int he carpet so it is easily extracted, making normal vacuuming more effective.  

The Fibrerite protector can be used on all synthetic and natural materials (upholstery, carpets, curtain etc) such as work or polypropylene carpets.

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Benefits to you

Don’t panic when something gets knocked over, just wipe off the spill from carpet immediately. Keeps carpets looking cleaner for longer and makes normal vacuuming much more effective. Safe for children and pets. Odourless.

Reasonable Prices

Average price for a living room is £20 plus VAT and one flight of stairs £10 plus VAT.  Minimum charge £45+VAT

Save Your Time & Energy

No need to panic when accidents happen, just get a cloth and wipe it up.  Save time in trying to prevent a stain drying into the carpet fibres.

Rely on a trustworthy cleaning company

Texatherm who supply the protection fluid have been operating since 2006 and are a British Company who have a wealth of knowledge.  Nathan and Gabriel who carry out the cleaning are fully trained to apply this protection.

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Security from a Real Company

Nathan and Gabriel are our affiliated recommended company who carry out the cleaning on our behalf. We personally know them and the quality of their work. Both speak good English and can fully explain the cleaning process to you.

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Reliability & Quality

Guarantee that should a spill occur and after you’ve wiped it up and used the free bottle of Blitzz we leave you with, if the stain is still there arrangements will be made for the affected area to be cleaned that area for you free of charge and reapplication of the protection.
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Personal Service

Not all carpets can be protected effectively so advice will be given once we see the carpet if it’s appropriate or not.

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Whats Included?

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Clean before protecting

aIt’s best if carpets are cleaned first to remove debris, dirt and stains ensuring that the protection fluid can attach to the carpet fibres successfully.

Extend life of carpets

aBy protecting carpets against stains and keeping fibres ‘loose’ will make everyday vacuuming a lot more efficient.

Communal entrance ways

aExtend the life of the carpet that keeps the

Commercial premises

If you have a restaurant, pub, office or high traffic areas with carpet tiles or carpets then this service will extend the life of your carpets saving you money in the long run.

Watch & Learn More

Watch our video on the service to see the protection process and how future spills will be so easy to deal with.

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