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About Mmmarvellous Cleaning

Mmmarvellous – keeping your home, clean.

Since 2002 Mmmarvellous has been operating locally, introducing housekeepers to clients
for regular home cleaning and offering a range of other home cleaning services. Clients
create a cleaning schedule which matches their homes needs, taking away the stress of
finding others to do the extra tasks needed on a regular basis.

Read about Our History as company.

Our team of housekeepers are not vetted in a cyber world but in the real world. We
personally met them when they attend our Induction course and we go to their home for
their personal final test & interview. So we know ‘the stranger’ who will be cleaning in your
home, that’s our promise.

Mmmarvellous is striving to build a business based on knowing who their customers are and who is working for them. We want our customers to feel relaxed and confident that they
will receive the Mmmarvellously clean home they deserve. We want the Mmmarvellous
Team, including housekeepers, to be happy in their work and feel appreciated by taking care
of them.

Our Mmmarvellous team make everything possible for our clients! Click here to Meet the Team.

We believe happy staff give us the best chance of delivering cleaning services to the highest standard possible – happy staff = happy customers.

Read our Mission Statement.