Mattress Cleaning

Do sheets and mattress protectors truly keep your mattress clean?

Do you or family members suffer from asthma or allergies?

Do you really know what's inside your mattress?


We're surprised that here in the UK we tend not to worry about how dirty our mattress is, but we should.  Take a look at our video to see what you didn't know was there.


Our mattress cleaning system removes dead skin cells, dust mites, viruses and mould, which builds up in everyone's mattresses. Mattress cleaning is especially important if you, your family or guests suffer from asthma, eczema or dust related allergies. 99.9% of asthma sufferers are allergic to dust mite excrement!  A regular mattress cleaning routine helps provide a more hygienic and healthy sleeping environment.


Our cleaning system can also be used on bedlinens, soft furnishings, carpets and curtains so you can reduce the amount of dust mites and allergens in your entire home.


Benefits of our system:

Get mattresses super clean and avoid the expense of replacing them

100% dry process - mattress can be used immediately

Sanitizing spray drastically reduces the volume of dust mites for a healthy mattress

Safe system for children and pets

Protected by Mmmarvellous mattress guarantee


Recommended cleaning intervals:

Asthma, eczema, or dust related allergies - 3 months (ongoing contract can reduce the costs)

Family with children and pets - 6 months

Family or Couple - 12 months

Single - 12 months

020 8941 2791

Need to make

a payment?


Single mattress £20 + VAT, Double mattress

£35 +VAT


Offer free duvet and pillow cleaning for each mattress*



For a no-obligation quotation or to make a booking, please contact Mmmarvellous.

Mmmarvellous keeping your home, clean

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