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Q1 What type of cleaning companies are there?

A: There are three types of cleaning company.

  • A private cleaner can be selected to create a 1:1 relationship. Whilst a private person may be a competent cleaner, they may not be trained as a professional cleaner, they may not be knowledgeable about professional cleaning systems or understand rotational cleaning.
  • A cleaning company can be selected to give you fixed services at fixed intervals. This may be according to their rota and not yours.
  • A cleaning agency/company will find, vet and manage your cleaner for you. They will work with you for a flexible solution for you and your home. If your regular cleaner is unavailable, then the agency will allocate a deputy cleaner for you.

Q2 What should you look for in a cleaning company?

A: When choosing a cleaning company you should choose one who:

  • Recruits staff using a vetting process.
  • The agency fees and the cleaning fees should be fair and separated on the paperwork provided to you.
  • Has been in business for some time.
  • Has several recommendations that you are able to check.
  • Has insurance cover available.

Q3 How can you tell a good cleaning company from a bad one?

A: At first, is difficult to tell a good company from a bad one.

  • Recommendations are usually the strongest indicator of a good company.
  • Communication between you and the company is a good first indicator.
  • A good rate of pay for the cleaner and the agency which is separated on the cleaning agreement. The cleaner should be paid directly after each visit. The agency fees paid directly to the agency.
  • Good timekeeping, efficiency and a thorough cleaning job are good second indicators.
  • An ongoing positive and professional relationship with your cleaner.

Q4 What kinds of people clean homes?

A: Cleaners come from all walks of life, there isn't a stereotypical image to present.

  • Some cleaners work because they are good at cleaning.
  • Some cleaners work because they enjoy the flexibility of part-time work.

Q5 Why do people need to have regular cleans?

A: Regular cleans are cost effective.

  • Cleans that take place at monthly or longer intervals or a spring clean involve much more work and as such are priced at a higher cost than a regular clean.
  • Regular cleans keep your house clean and organised too.
  • Regular cleans keep on top of your home on a rotational basis, keeping your home, windows, carpets, beds, furniture and furnishings clean throughout the year.

Q6 Which level of service should I expect?

A: A high standard of overall cleaning and customer service.

  • Where you, your family and your home and family is treated with care and respect.
  • Where the cleaning tasks are agreed.
  • Communicate regularly and as and when required.
  • A quality service at a reasonable price.

Q7 What happens when the carpets, windows, mattresses and ovens need cleaning? Is it better to use different companies?

A: A good standard with one provider is better as it is more cost effective.

  • A regular cleaner gets to know you and your home well.
  • A regular cleaner can clean on a rotational basis.
  • One company can remind you of your next clean.

Q8 How is regular cleaning value for money?

A: Some people equate value for money with the cheapest quotation they find. A true measure is:-

  • The time and energy you have saved.
  • The ability and freedom to do more enjoyable things.
  • When the standard of service is high and has exceeded your expectations.
  • When the price is comparable with three other similar companies.
  • When the entire experience is good and the after care good.

If you have any more questions but you don't see the answer above, please contact the Mmmarvellous team. We can add then the question to this page.

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