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H. T. Hampton

  • Thank you for your newsletter.  I thought it a good opportunity to tell you once again how I remain a hugely satisfied customer (not bad after all these years) due to the great customer service you provide and of course the wonderful Jenny!  I do recommend yourselves whenever I get the opportunity!

R. Richmond

  • I would definitely recommend her for a bonus. She is always on time, she's extremely conscientious, and often makes suggestions about things we could do to prevent wear and tear, and about new products that could improve the cleaning in our flat. Ausra is extremely polite, always gives us plenty of notice if something needs to change in terms of her arrival or departure time, and we feel we can trust her completely. Her attention to detail and service ethic are a testament to your brand and I think she's a great ambassador for your business.

N. S. Feltham

  • Thanks , I actually filled one in and then wondered how I got it to you, I'd love to nominate her for this, she's through, extremely reliable and happy with it, my husband has been home with a broken leg for the last month or so, so the house has been a tip and she's handled it just like every week with no complaints !

E. A. Hampton

  • I just wanted to drop a quick note as I have just had one of your colleagues visit my house (EA Hampton) with a view to arranging a cleaner. Unfortunately I have forgotten her name! However, if you are able work out who she was, I just wanted to say I was extremely impressed with her attitude, professionalism, courtesy and advice. The meeting has left me with an extremely good impression of your company and with a very good feeling regarding the cleaning service we are about to receive over the next few months.
  • Re the website, I didn't spend all that long on it last week but I did find it very easy to use and navigate my way around and was certainly able to find enough information to make me think I did want to use the company. One small comment - when I phoned whoever I spoke to recommended I check "" which I also found useful - given the testimonials are good, i would recommend you provide a link on your website and make it more obvious as this sort of thing would help to give piece of mind to prospective customers.

K. H. Richmond

  • Elena is highly reliable, absolutely always on important thing with us as we have morning school runs.  She is very flexible and if she gets scheduled work completed early, she will take the initiative to pick up ironing or clean the refrigerator, etc.  She keeps me apprised of what cleaning supplies are required for purchase, which is very helpful.  She is very pleasant to have in the house while she is here, always smiling!

Mrs. H. kingston

  • Thank you for this. We are totally delighted with Ausra and think she does a fantastic job. As you say, it is a lot to do in two hours and all we want is for her to keep on top of things which she does brilliantly. Thank you for your time in doing the spot check and we look forward to the next one. Please do pass on our grateful thanks to Ausra - it is always a huge pleasure to come home on a Tuesday knowing she has been there! 

L. L. Twickenham

  • I started using a housekeeper with mmmarvellous in 2011 and it was the best decision I have made. I can highly recommend the company.
    She is always 100% reliable, and keeps me very regularly updated if her times need to change for any reason.  She is very flexible in accommodating any requests to shift timings if I need her to.  She is extremely hard working, takes initiative (sometimes I simply say - if for example we've been away so the house hasnt got dirty since the last clean - 'do  what you feel needs doing' and she does.  She really seems to take satisfaction from cleaning the house to a high standard and seeks feedback if I ask her to do something new.  I am very comfortable around her, have absolute trust in her integrity - and have perfect confidence when we are away that the house will be carefully locked etc.  I couldnt imagine a nicer person to help me keep the house beautiful.

M. R. Twickenham

  • A reliable and efficient service by both the cleaner and office. Thank you.

M.M Thames Ditton

  • There is a clue in to the level of service and satisfaction in the company name.

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