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Insurance Claim procedures

Mmmarvellous is fully insured, including public liability and accidental damage (bleach damage is not covered.)

Making a Claim

The following procedures apply to any claim being made for accidental damage caused by your housekeeper:

  • 1. The damage must be reported within 24 hours of occurrence.
  • 2. The housekeeper must corroborate the incident in writing.
  • 3. The details of the claim must be submitted to Mmmarvellous via letter or email. The information required for a claim is as follows:
    • a) Client's full name and address
    • b) Complete description of the damage that occurred
    • c) Date of the incident
    • d) Name of housekeeper responsible for the damage
    • e) Copy of HER (Housekeeper Earnings Receipt) form
    • f) Photos of the damage (we can come take photos for you, if necessary)
    • g) Two independent quotes for cost of repair or replacement. (We reserve the right to ask for a quotation from a company we selected.)
    • Once all these documents have been received by Mmmarvellous, we shall then forward them to our insurance company for processing.
  • 4. An employee from Mmmarvellous may visit your home to review the damage and confirm the course of action that will follow.
  • 5. All claims must be presented to our insurance company within 6 months of the actual incident. Depending on the size of the claim, the insurance company will either contact you directly to complete the process or they may complete it via Mmmarvellous.

If you need assistance to complete to procedure, please contact our office.

Claims Below the Insurance Excess

All insurance policies have an excess, ours is £125.00. If damage occurs that results in a claim below our current excess, we undertake to cover the cost of the damage â€" provided we have proof that the housekeeper we assigned is responsible. The above-outlined steps for insurance claims are still applicable.

We must emphasize that this is not company policy; it is simply a gesture of goodwill and is not legally binding in any way. A maximum of one such claim is permitted per client per 12-month rolling period, starting from the first claim.

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