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Here is some information so you know more about Mmmarvellous:-



Marvellous is a limited company which was established in 2006 to take on and expand the services operated through BelleCasa Richmond Ltd, which started in September 2002.



Mmmarvellous as a company has full public liability insurance and our staff are all fully insured.



All self employed housekeepers are vetted by a rigorous screening process, interviewed in their own homes and regularly spot checked whilst working at their clients home. Our management team use Mmmarvellous cleaners to clean their own homes.


Housekeeper Induction

Mmmarvellous housekeepers are required to attend a full induction programme which covers which cleaning products are most efficient, best cleaning methods and how best to interact with their clients.


Staff Pay

Mmmarvellous has complete transparency of payment fees to housekeepers and to our clients.


Fees are separated on the cleaning agreement. The housekeeper is paid directly by the client after each visit, Mmmarvellous will provide a minimum guideline rate of pay however the client and housekeeper can discuss if this should be increased due to long term service or consistently high work performance.


The management fees are paid directly by the client to the agency.


We do understand the issues of trusting a stranger in our homes. This is why Mmmarvellous:


Has a rigorous screening process

Has continuous assessment of our team's performance

Interviews cleaners in their own homes

Use Mmmarvellous cleaners to clean their own homes

Staff Quarterly Reward Programme

Mmmarvellous has a quarterly Ambassador Award, where our clients nominate a cleaner for one or more of the following categories:


Went beyond the call of duty

Stays longer to complete jobs

Shows flexibility


Did something nice


Work standard is consistently high

Any other reason

Mmmarvellous Recommendations

Many of our clients have been with Mmmarvellous for many years. New clients are pleased to recommend our cleaning services very quickly. You can see our client testimonials throughout the website.


If you wish to have a telephone reference or a reference by letter from one of our clients, please contact us.


Interior cleaning materials

Mmmarvellous feels that it is important to use materials that you have already chosen and that you want to use in your home. Also, we don't think you should have to budget and pay for materials you already have! Mmmarvellous will use your own products and your electrical cleaning equipment, such as hoovers, with great care.


Carpet and mattress cleaning

We have selected our carpet and mattress cleaning systems after much research, having found them to be the best in the market. Mmmarvellous will clean your home to the best of our ability, with great care and respect.


Cleaning quotation

Mmmarvellous offer a no-obligation quotation where a visit to your home is arranged to talk through your requirements and answer your questions. A comprehensive welcome pack is left with you, including our agency agreement.


Management agreement

The management agreement details all contact information for both you and Mmmarvellous, your requirements and any special cleaning instructions. Full details of our hourly rate and agency monthly or quarterly fees, and the terms and conditions of the agreement, are clearly shown. Both you and Mmmarvellous sign the agreement. There is no minimum cleaning term within the agreement, however a 30 day notice period to cancel exists after the 7 day cooling of period expires.


Management Fees

When you accept the agreement, a standing order is set up for the management fees. The first standing order payment is withdrawn two weeks after the housekeeper has been assigned. The standing order payment is withdrawn monthly or quarterly. You pay the cleaner at the end of each appointment.


Introduction appointment

Mmmarvellous will contact you to arrange your first appointment with your allocated housekeeper. We know the importance of the first clean, therefore we advise a first meeting where our housekeeper can introduce herself, listen to your requirements and take a tour of your home.


If you prefer to start the cleaning immediately, we advise the housekeeper to visit you at least 20 minutes before she starts work for the first time.


First cleaning appointment

We work to your schedule and we encourage our clients to take ownership of the structure of the cleaning plan. There are useful cleaning instruction and record sheets available in the welcome pack.


Cancelling your agreement

If you wish to cancel your agreement, please note that we require a 30-day cancellation notice.


If you have any more questions but you don't see the answer above, please contact the Mmmarvellous team. We can add then the question to this page.


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